Favorite Things

I am partial to the Basil.  It just has the perfect mix of clean, herbal, earthy scent.  It's easier to find some of the scents but my local Target carries the whole line of Basil.  I like to keep the all purpose kitchen cleaner, counter spray, dish detergent and hand soap on hand all the time.  The Basil candle is great too.  And I am thinking about trying the laundry products.
I just recently starting receiving Birchbox.  The monthly subscription is easy and convenient and super affordable.  Each month Madison and I can share the sample items we receive in our box.  Sometimes it's more her style, sometimes mine.  It's a great way to try new products. 

Last year when we were in Chicago, Madison and I found the Lush counter at Marshall Fields (Macy's) on State Street.  We got some of their bath bombs, which I love.  When we were in Austin recently we found a stand-alone Lush store near Downtown.  The clerk showed us the Ocean Salt and demonstrated it on our hands.  We were sold!  We purchased a pot (along with lots of other things)and it is just wonderful!  It's perfect on my winter chapped hands, elbows and legs.   We will be back in Austin again soon and we are already planning our next trip to Lush. 

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