Monday, March 23, 2015

Hexie Fever

Happy Mail!

I have caught the hexie bug!  I love making these English paper pieced 1" hexagons.  I have been using scraps to make the rainbow of hexies below.  Today I got these 2 1/2" mini charm packs from Fat Quarter Shop.  I ordered on Friday and they were here today.  FQS is always so fast!

This is my on-the-go hexie box.  It's from Target.  It was all the rage on Instagram along EPPers.  It works great for working on hexies anytime.  Baseball practice, in the car, everywhere.  From left:  hexies with glued paper templetes, Fons and Porter fabric glue stick, rainbow of completed hexies, white and aqua solid completed hexies, paper templetes, thread, needles and scissors. 

When I first started, I printed out sheets of 1" templetes.  But that gets tedious.  So I very quickly went in search of one of these:

1" hexagon paper punch
I have used card stock, junk mail flyers, and cereal boxes to make the hexie templetes above.  It makes the process so much easier. 

I have just started working on a layout for a hexagon quilt.  It's just so fun to see what I like with all that color. 

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