Wednesday, March 27, 2013

The Boy Only Spring Break Trip to Spring Training

For a couple of years Greg and Cullen have been talking about taking a trip to Surprise, AZ to see the TX Rangers at Spring Training.  This year they did it!  They left early on a Saturday morning and drove 14 hours.  They had tickets for a game on Monday but had plans to catch at least one or two more games during the week.  They got to the stadium on Sunday just as they opened the gates and got in to see a Kansas City Royals vs. CA Angels game (Kansas City shares the stadium with the Rangers).   Monday they were at the stadium at 9 a.m. to watch batting practice and get autographs.  Cullen had taken a couple of balls to get signed.  They ended up seeing 3 games and 2 days of daily practice. 

Cullen wasn't picky  -- he liked approaching the minor league players just as much as the big league players.

Ready for the game

 This one was tall

On the second day he started getting his Rangers hat signed

Being a catcher, Cullen always gravitates to the pitchers and catchers practice

His hat full of autographs
After 4 days in Surprise they headed up toward Flagstaff and spent the night near the Grand Canyon. 

Quite a change in temperature up at that elevation

They stopped one more night somewhere in Arizona and rolled back into town on Friday.  They had gotten a whole week of boy time and made so many great memories.   They are already making plans to go back next year. 

All photos taken with Greg's Iphone. 

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