Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Weekend in Austin

We have been spending alot of time in Austin lately (long story I'll share later).  Easter weekend Greg was working down there so the kids and I went down to see him.  We are loving exploring Austin on the weekends!  So much fun stuff to do and see.  This particular weekend the weather was beautiful.  Greg has made it his mission to find all the great places to eat in Austin.  So for lunch on Saturday we went downtown to eat at the Hula Hut right on the lake.  It was heavenly!  Sitting under the tiki roof watching the boats go by.  And the food was great... Caribbean Mexican.
I didn't want to have to take too much down there for Easter baskets so I kept things simple and got these buckets from Target and just a few candies.  For Cullen, baseball cards.  For Madison, the new Justin Timberlake CD.

Another one of Greg's must see food places in Austin.  Round rock donuts.  See that huge round donut on the top row?  That's what they are famous for.   We weren't very impressed though.  Check that one off the "Been there - don't have to go again" list.

Cullen's Easter eggs this year were of course baseball themed. 

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