Friday, April 12, 2013

April means carnivals and baseball

Every April at Cullen's school there is a Spring Carnival.  Put on by the PTA, there are plenty of games, laser tag, food and of course the human hamster ball.  That's Cullen in there.  The petting zoo is frantic but fun.
There is a large silent auction full of all kinds of great items to bid on.  Every class puts together a large basket.  This year Cullen's class basket was Boredom Busters themed.  Lots of movies and board games.  Also the art teacher does a couple of class art projects.  I loved this year's class photo project.  Each child is holding up a sign telling what they want to be when they grow up.  Isn't that cute?  I have bought a couple of them over the years.  It was no surprise of course that Cullen's sign says "baseball player" for his career.  They also do class vases with their fingerprints as flowers.   
April also means the start of a new baseball season.  Cullen's team stayed together and we are having a great season so far.  Cullen is the starting catcher.  He's hitting well too.  It's so much fun to watch the games.  Greg hasn't been here for alot of the games which is hard for both boys.  Cullen misses him and Greg hates not being here to see him play.

I work at a large Assisted Living facility and every day the daily calendar is posted in the elevator with all the activities and special events.  This quote was on there one day this week and I thought is was so funny I had to capture it. 

The baseball fever continued last weekend when the boys and I went to a minor league game in Frisco.  No baseball game would be complete without ice cream in a helmet.

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