Sunday, March 31, 2013

March Randomness

Greg and Cullen are always spending their Sunday afternoons practicing baseball.

There is a large pickle factory in our town.  So every year we have a St. Patrick's Day Pickle Parade and Picklepalooza. 

Baseball season has started back up.  Cullen is the starting catcher this season and he is doing so well.  I think we have found what comes naturally to him.  

I forgot to include this picture with the boy's Spring Break trip photos.  One day when they were on thier way home and driving through somewhere in Arizona, I got this photo texted to me from the boys.  Greg said, "do you get it?"  Umm, no.  Then it hit me...... "Standing on the Corner in Winslow, AZ" ..... from the old Eagles song.  Apparently that's this town's only claim to fame so they have made a big deal about it with this sign post downtown. 

This cat continually drives me crazy with her shedding and hairballs and general weirdness.  But she's so cute.

Just when I think he's too old for bubble baths he gets in the mood and fills the big tub up and has a nice long bath.






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