Wednesday, October 3, 2012

The Game Ball

Cullen moved up from coach pitch to kid pitch in Little League baseball this fall season.  He loves it!  He is excelling at his position as catcher.   Last night he hit his first triple and got the game ball!
Playing baseball gives him so much self confidence he needs these days.  He has tried several sports the last few years including a couple of seasons here and there of Tball/baseball, hockey and soccer.  But I think he has found his niche with baseball. 
The games are hilarious to watch sometimes.  These are all kids who have never played kid pitch before.  So it's all walks and stolen bases.  There is a 5 run per inning limit.  This league is known for being very competitive, but we haven't had any negative experiences yet.  Our Rangers team is at the top of the standings in the 9 year old division. 
We are pretty proud of him for working hard on his skills and finding something he enjoys so much. 
Go Rangers!

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