Monday, October 8, 2012

Giant Granny Square Blanket - Finished!

I started this Giant Granny on the night of the Opening Ceremonies of the Olympics and worked on it all through the Olympics then when they were over, it went into hibernation for about a month.   

I got it back out a couple of weeks ago and added a few more rows.  It is telling me it's done.  So, being the good listener that I am, I am calling it finished.  I haven't added any kind of border.   Just stopped after the gray round.  So, if it proves to need more umphh to it, I can just pick up and add some rounds. 

Coming in at about 50" square it's not a whopper or anything.  Just right for laying across the back of the couch waiting for some cold feet to come along.  This morming we woke up to near freezing temps here in TX (yay!) so I grabbed it to cuddle with my coffee until I was ready to face the day.  It's perfect for C. since his legs aren't so long. 

I used quite a few of my odd balls of worsted weight yarn.  Did not buy anything new.   I had absoluetely no plan for how the color order would go.  Just grabbed the next ball at the top of the pile after I finished a round.  But I love how it came together.  The colors riot but work together at the same time. 

I have already cast on for a knitted blanket for our home.

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Katie B said...

Looks wonderful! Great job!

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