Monday, September 24, 2012

Our Weekend

Cullen on the mountain at Ecofest

 Go Rangers!  Waiting to steal home.  Cullen loves being in kid-pitch this season! 

After a month hiatus, I picked up my Giant Granny Square afghan again.  I still love how this is progressing.  I just keep adding rounds and it just keeps getting bigger.

I read the other day a blog entry from a friend who shared that she wished she had blogged about more of the everyday stuff when her kids were smaller so that now she might be able to look back and remember how life was at any given time.  Since I am an epic failure at Project Life and any other memory keeping effort right now, I thought I would document a small slice of our weekend, even if it's just crappy Iphone photos.  It won't always be like this so I want to remember. 

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