Sunday, August 26, 2012

Leftover Yarn Socks

I love buying sock yarn.  I have made baby hats out of some of it.  But I don't always get motivated to make socks.  But recently I've been knitting socks again!  Then, a few weeks ago I saw this and since then  I've been thinking about using some of my leftover sock yarn for a pair of hodgepodge socks. 
These have about 10 different yarns in them.  There is absolutely no rhyme or reason to the stripes.  Just totally random based on how much yarn I had of each kind.  I still have plenty of leftovers.  Like Kristen at Cozy Things blog, I think I will just keep making single socks until it's all used up.  Then I will have a whole pile of socks that don't really match but are great for wearing around the house.
I've already cast on for my next pair of socks.  Pink and peachy stripes. 

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Happy Anniversary

Happy Anniversary to my wonderful husband.   Seventeen years together.  He is a great husband, dad, friend and goofball I could ask for.    He must be a saint to put up with me sometimes.
We are celebrating by going to a Texas Rangers baseball game this afternoon with Cullen.  Nothing fancy but that's just the way we like it.

Thursday, August 9, 2012


Today Cullen turns 9.  He's certainly not a baby anymore in his eyes.  But to me he is still the last minute, "maybe we should have one more", "I'm not too old for one more" baby.  After having the perfect little girl who was so easy, it never occured to me that another one wouldn't be exactly the same.  Wow was I in for a shock.  I remember Greg, Madison and I going to the ultrasound to find out what the baby was going to be and it never had even occured to me that it wouldn't be another girl.  Really I hadn't!  When they said boy I was shocked.  Greg and Madison were excited but I remember going to lunch afterwards and feeling shock and not wanting to eat.  Then, when we was born at almost 9lbs. with a head of SHOCKINGLY red hair I thought well, he's so cute, he must be perfect.  But I should have known this one was going to give me a run when he wouldn't sleep, wouldn't eat, had several medical problems early on and just kept us moving all the time.   And nine years later he is still keeping us on our toes. This child has seen the inside of several ER's.  He never takes the easy road to anything.  But he is also completely happy in his own skin.  He is quirky.  I tell people he is either keeping me young or killing me.  Depends on the day. 

Now he is 9.  Ready to start 3rd grade.  Starting another season of baseball and VERY excited about moving up to kid-pitch.  His love for Legos still hasn't wavered.  He has a group of boys all his age on our street and they have had a great summer playing from one house to the next.  He still refuses to learn to swim, hates getting his hair cut and wants to wear the same pair of shorts every day. 

He gets up in the morning and has to have his morning cuddle with mom before he starts his day.  I joke that he will never leave me cause he's all mine.  We are just alike in looks and termperment. 

I like to think what a boring world it would be around here without our Culleybear.  He's pretty great and we will be celebrating him this weekend with a trip to Legoland Discovery Center, a TX Rangers game and probably another fifty thousand new legos coming into my house.

Friday, August 3, 2012

Lunchbox Notes

I love putting notes in my son's lunchbox.  My daughter's too occasionally but she thinks she's too old for them.  I found some today that are perfect!

Some of you might already be shopping at Paper Coterie.   If you aren't, you should be!  I have gotten some awesome custom products from this website.  These are some of the pages from a calendar I had made for the grandmothers one Christmas.

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


I just love when it's time for the Olympics!  Don't you?  We sat glued to our couch last weekend from Opening Ceremonies straight through to Sunday night.  My boys like seeing the USA Basketball team.  I like the swimming and beach volleyball.  Of course it makes you feel so lazy sitting on the couch watching these people in such good shape.  Thankfully, the feeling passes quickly! 

I am participating in Ravelry's Ravellenic Games, which documents knitting and crocheting done during Olympic watching.    I hope to get at least a couple of new things either finished or well on their way to finished.   During the Opening Ceremonies I started this Giant Granny Square Blanket.

I used some scraps but went on a small shopping trip to Michael's last week and bought about 6 skeins of new yarn in some cute colors.  I am thinking I'll need a few more since each row is starting to take a big chunk of a skein!  Not sure how big it's going to be.  I guess I will just stop when it seems right.

I have been working on this knitted cowl in jazzy green on and off for a while.  I keep putting it aside thinking it's a long time off until cowl weather.  It's hard to think about keeping my neck warm when it's 108 degrees outside.  But it's time to get it finished so I think I'll work on it after the giant granny. 

What is your favorite event in the Olympics?