Monday, June 4, 2012

Camping Journal

A few years ago when we really started camping a lot I made this camping journal to keep a record of our trips.  It's just a simple blank journal with added Thickers letters, a ribbon tied around the front cover and a picnic table charm bookmark.  Every trip is documented with where we stayed, campsite #, highlights and things I want to remember.  Below is the entry for the very first trip we took with our new pop-up camper.  Greg forgot his clothes, it rained most of the weekend, and we had hot dogs for dinner one night.  All things I will enjoy reading about many years from now don't you think?

Somethng new I am going to start this year is to collect a stone from every trip and write the date and place on it like this:

~found on Pinterest with no origin~

I have the perfect glass urn for them in my dining room.  One of our favorite places to go camping has a huge lake so rocks are easy to find. 
Camping is something my family did together a lot when I was growing up and I want to make and remember those memories with my own family as well.

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