Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bailey's Baby Clothes Quilt

 I recently finished a baby clothes quilt for my friend Becki's daughter Bailey.  Well, the quilt is made from Bailey's clothes but I think Becki is going to keep the quilt for herself! :)

Since Bailey's middle name is Violet I used a pretty violet print cotton for the borders and backing.  I tried to use a part of every article of clothing that I had, and I did with the exception of one really think fleece jumpsuit. 

 I really wanted to get the bibs in so I just sewed them to a square!  And I loved all the Wisconsin and hunting stuff so that had to be included.  And those little Oshkosh overalls, so cute. 

All in all, I was pretty satisfied with the quilt.  Considering that my sewing machine DIED midway through this project and I had to finish on a borrowed machine.  I have ordered a new part for my machine twice and it's still dead.  I am holding out trying not to buy a new one, but it might be inevitable.
I used a couple of the outfits for a grandparents pillow back here.

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mamashack said...

I am Becki's mother & Bailey's grandma - the quilt is wonderful - so many memories! I LOVE my grandparent's pillow!!
Thank you -
Grandma Sandy Shackelford

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