Tuesday, May 29, 2012


The nice long holiday weekend was a great time to get some more flowers and herbs planted around the back yard.  With the Texas summer heat, alot of things get parched and beaten down before the summer is over.  But in the last few years I've use more and more containers so I can move them into the shade for part of the day and try to save them from being cooked in the heat.  I always use lots of rosemary and basil so a couple more pots of both were started.  Some flowers around the patio and things are starting to look a little cheerier around here. 

Monday, May 28, 2012

Catchn' Jars

All winter long I save up all the jars we empty around here.....

Because having an eight year old boy in the house means that come Spring, there are all kinds of critters to catch.   And there's always a need for another catchn' jar.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Bailey's Baby Clothes Quilt

 I recently finished a baby clothes quilt for my friend Becki's daughter Bailey.  Well, the quilt is made from Bailey's clothes but I think Becki is going to keep the quilt for herself! :)

Since Bailey's middle name is Violet I used a pretty violet print cotton for the borders and backing.  I tried to use a part of every article of clothing that I had, and I did with the exception of one really think fleece jumpsuit. 

 I really wanted to get the bibs in so I just sewed them to a square!  And I loved all the Wisconsin and hunting stuff so that had to be included.  And those little Oshkosh overalls, so cute. 

All in all, I was pretty satisfied with the quilt.  Considering that my sewing machine DIED midway through this project and I had to finish on a borrowed machine.  I have ordered a new part for my machine twice and it's still dead.  I am holding out trying not to buy a new one, but it might be inevitable.
I used a couple of the outfits for a grandparents pillow back here.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Granny Square Sampler

I am participating in the Granny Square Sampler Afghan Sew Along over at the Wisecraft blog.   As usual I just went with odd scrap yarn balls I already had around the house. After I finish this one I might go back and do another one with a different, more defined color palete.  Every week we get an assignment for a few different sized granny squares.   I can't wait for every Friday to see what the next group of squares is going to be.  So far it's been just different sized traditional granny squares.  The pattern I usually make for projects.  I know coming up there are many new types of squares I haven't ever used or tried, so that's something to look forward to.   After the second week here's what I have so far. 

Week One Assignment

Week Two Assignment

You can find alot of the participants posting there photos on Instagram at the tag:  #grannysquaresampler. 
I'll try to update every week with the newest squares. 

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Muffin Tin Chef

I bought this cookbook this week and I already love it! I have tried a couple of the recipes and both were wonderful.  I am making the Lasagna Cups for dinner tonight.  All the recipes are straightforward and use simple ingredients.   And my kids love the muffin tin sized portions. 

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Stool Covers

I have these two boring wooden barstools in my kitchen.  I don't really want to buy new barstools right now, but really needed a change.   I have been admiring all of the crochet stool covers all over the internet.  So I decided to dress up my barstools.  I used a basic circle crochet pattern.

I made the circle to size and then used thin grograin ribbon threaded through the last side row to lace it to the stool. 
I think this adds some much needed color to one corner of my kitchen. 

Now, off to finish the second one!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Spring according to Instagram

What we've been up to (in no particular order)

I got birthday tulips last week

2nd Grade Musical "Clowning Around with Music" 
(he really was happy to be dressed up, just not happy about getting his picture made)

Madison is having a great soccer season

It's Spring so it's time for Texas Rangers baseball!

Spring Break trip to the go-kart/bumper boat center

Madison and I had to be there for opening night of Hunger Games 

Turning 16 meant Madison finally was allowed to get her cartilage pierced

Cullen loves playing soccer

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wake Up

I've been quiet around here lately.  Lots of reasons really.  But I want to finally talk about one of the main reasons. 
Sometimes things happen that give you a rude wake up call.  Recently I had something like that come out of left field.
In late December I went to have a fairly simple and straightforward outpatient knee surgery to repair a torn meniscus.  I really didn't think anything about the pre-op lab work and EKG other than the inconvenience of having to go do it and the fact that the tech took forever and kept redoing the EKG. 
On the day of surgery my husband and I, along with my parents, were at the outpatient surgery center early for what was promised to be a quick surgery.  After getting gowned up and an IV inserted I waited my turn in one of those little cubicles where I could hear other patients, many of them elderly, coming and going in the assembly line like atmosphere.  I was relaxed talking to my family who had come back to see me off to the OR when the surgeon and anesthesiologist came in.  They were both looking at my chart and said they needed to discuss what type of anesthesia I wanted.  I was relaxed enough to joke with them that I wanted "the kind that would make me forget that you are digging around in my knee!".  The next thing they asked me made me laugh.  They said, "well most cardiac patients get a spinal because it's safer."  Again, joking, I told them they had me mixed up with some other patient.  Some old person.    Then they shocked me by saying,  "Mrs. B., you know you have had a heart attack recently don't you?"  Um, no.
They had reviewed my EKG and had seen some irregularities.  They gave me the option of postponing the surgery until I could see a cardiologist but I said no, go ahead.  In the back on my mind I was still thinking there had been some mistake right?
They gave us strict instructions that I was to go home and make an appointment immediately with my General Practitioner to get a cardiac referral.  Both of whom confirmed that I did have a "silent" heart attack.  And I'm at risk for another one.  But as one doctor said, they next one probably won't be silent.  Right now I'm just taking something to thin my blood and trying to lower my cholesterol.  In a few months I'll go back for some more evaluation of any further damage.
Women and men are completely different when it comes to the heart.  As it was explained to me, a man will clutch his chest and fall to the ground when having a heart attack.  A woman typically experiences some chest tightness usually described as a "bubble feeling" in the chest, then goes on with their day. None of the doctors I have seen were at all surprised that I had no memory of any symptoms.  
I have a very strong history of heart disease and early death in my family.  So there's that to consider. 
Over the last few months I have tried to evaluate my diet, exercise and lifestyle choices.  I have to.  I'm really too young to die of a heart attack.  I have found the American Heart Association to be a wealth of information.  Their Go Red for Women campaign is raising lots of fund to help with research and women's studies.
I find myself second guessing every day that I feel tired or just not right.  I worry about an upcoming summer vacation.  I'm the roller coaster rider with my kids.  I have to find the balance of taking care of myself, my family and at the same time not let worry keep me from living my days to their fullest. 
Anyway, back to crafting and cooking tomorrow.  Take care of yourself and have a great day.