Friday, March 23, 2012

Cullen Wyatt

This boy.
He just had his first soccer game last week.  We've been telling him for a couple of years he should try soccer.  His sister enjoys it and we thought he would too.  But he wanted to do Tball then Hockey and we let him.  So now he has come back around to soccer.  And yes, he seems to be a natural.  He was so cute getting ready for the first game.  So excited.  He was smiling running up and down the field the whole game. 
We needed something to go right for him,  School for him right now is hard.  He is in Second Grade and still having trouble with his reading and writing.  He excels at Math.  But reading and even more, writing is really hard.  We held him back in First Grade because he was one of the youngest in his class and we thought that would give him the extra time he needed to get up to grade level in reading.  It was a wonderful year in which he made great strides and went even farther than either his teacher or we expected.  But this year he has faltered again. He sees himself not keeping up with the class and having trouble with things that others are doing easily.  His self esteem has really suffered.  He is a worrier just like his mama.  He cries in the morning not wanting to go to school and always has a stress tummy ache.  In Second Grade they expect daily journaling with alot of creative writing.  His brain just doesn't work like that.  Creative writing to him is like some foreign language.   We have been working with the teachers, reading specialist and school counselor and finally decided last month to have him tested for dyslexia.  His tests show that he does indeed have some realm of dyslexia and dysgraphia.  Now we are trying to meet with all the teachers, administrators and counselors to come up with a plan for his learning path.   We are also having him tested for ADD.  It's up for debate whether his inattention in class is from some ADD issue or just frustration and giving up when it doesn't make sense to him.  Either way we are trying to make school a better experience for him.  I can't take the morning tears and stress on his little mind.  
Talking to my blog friend Becki this week helped me put things in perspective and remember that we aren't the only ones facing school challenges.   
He's such a great kid and his dad, sister and I are trying to make sure he knows that too.

Prairie Green Blanket and other stuff

I am waiting for a replacement bobbin case for my sewing machine so the baby clothes quilt is in a holding pattern almost finished.  Frustrating! 
In the meantime, I've used all the soccer practice watching to finish the gray and green granny square blanket.  It's about 30 x 38". 

We already have some awesome curly lettuce from one of our little garden spots.  I've had enough for salads and sandwiches this week.

I was in the mood to make flowers the other day and made this little crochet keyfob.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012


The main thing I've been working on lately is a baby clothes quilt, which I am dying to show sneak peeks of but want Becki to be surprised, but it isn't something I can work on during those odd times such as watching TV, soccer practice and waiting at school pickup.  So I have two crochet projects in progress. 
I showed you these little circles last week.  They are slowly accumulating and look to be a good sized throw before I'm done.  Love the gray for the border color. 
The other is a granny stripe blanket in green, brown and white.  My first granny stripe and I love working on it. 
Yes, the green in both projects is the same sage-ey green.  One of my favorite colors and the main color in our bedroom.
With a new soccer season starting and both kids playing I have lots of practice time sitting around in my future.  So these two projects should get plenty of attention. 
And I'm hoping to get that baby quilt in the mail to Wisconsin next week so I can finally show it to you.  It's my favorite quilt I've made so far from baby clothes.   

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Grandparents Pillow

I am working on a baby clothes quilt for my friend Becki.  So many cute outfits from her daughter Bailey to use that  I'm taking my time getting it just right.  But there were a couple of outfits that were gifts from Bailey's grandparents that we made into a special pillow for Valentine's Day.  Since they have it in hand now I thought I should show it to you.   I had planned to use the front motifs "Grandma Loves Me" and "Grandpa Loves Me" and then just couldn't leave off the little paws and stars that were on the back of each outfit. 
On the back I used the Violet floral fabric that I am using for the quilt back.  Bailey's middle name is Violet so it's fitting isn't it?

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Rodeo Zone

We had to go to a birthday party this weekend for a little family member who was turning 5.  He is really into cowboys, rodeo and the wild west.  So the party was at the historic Fort Worth Stockyards at a great place called Rodeo Zone.  There was a variety of mechanical bulls (and a fish), roping, wild west putt putt, horseshoes, and a tricycle rodeo.  It was so much fun!  Cullen was not having anything to do with dressing the part.  He has completely outgrown the cowboy phase.  Seems like yesterday he was always wanting to look like this: