Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Crochet Circles

I am laid up with a horrible pulled muscle in my back and hip and so the baby clothes quilt I'm working on finishing has been set aside for a few days in favor of lying around on a heating pad.  You can only watch so much daytime TV before your mind starts to go to ugly places you know?  So I went through my yarn stash and put these three colors  together.  A nice bright aqua, a baby green and a nice neutral olive.  A couple of DVD's later I have all these nice little circles. I still have a little bit of each color so I am going to just keeping making until I run out.  Since my yarn stash is pretty small right now I don't have anything in enough quantity for an edge color to bring them all together.  But hopefully by the weekend I'll be back to rights and can get to the store to restock.  Heaven forbid I run out of yarn.  That just wouldn't do. 

Leaning tower of circles

A plate full of circles

The cloudy weather is messing with the true colors of that aqua. 

I need a little fairy to come and weave in all my ends while I take a nap.

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Becki@Just The Three of Us said...

Oh no! I hope your back is feeling better too. Yes, daytime TV is no good. There was nothing good on last week when I was home sick. I miss my soap operas!

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