Sunday, January 22, 2012

Weekend Rambling

{Camera phone picture - horrible quality}

*Every time I lay down on the couch to watch TV and crochet, Bindi the cat just has to sit right there in my way. 

*Cullen is officially part of a street gang now.  Really!  There are 3 other boys that live on our little street.  They are all about 6 months to a year older than Cullen but he fits right in.  This weekend has been so warm that the four of them have been out going from one house to the other playing video games, having NERF wars and riding bikes.  Our street is short and I can practically see from one end to the other so I feel they are safe.   They stop in occasionally at our house because apparently I have the best snacks. 

*I am fixated on drinking a mixture of OJ and San Pellegrino water.  Just enough fizzy for me.

*Planning a 16th birthday party for Madison.  Not so much a party really.  I am taking her and 3 of her friends to Dallas in February to shop all day at the Galleria then dinner and overnight at a nice hotel nearby.  We are looking at cute cakes to take for a little celebration on the room that night.  I wisely decided to get 2 adjoining rooms.  I trust these girls completely and this way they can have 2 beds and some privacy and I can be nearby.  Any ideas of little gifts to get the girls to have in the hotel?  We were thinking little bags with nail polish and a cake pop, and whatever else we can think of to add.

*I can't tell you the fear that grips my heart every time I think about Madison driving.  We have been taking her out to practice in parking lots at the school and I know she is very level headed.  And she will start Drivers Ed soon.  But just the idea of my child out in the world alone in a car almost brings me to tears!

*I haven't mentioned that I am no longer working.  While the leaving situation wasn't the best I am relieved to be rid of the stress from that job.  I am looking for something else but enjoy my time at home in the meantime. 

*I have been working on a baby clothes quilt for Becki.  I love working with all the little baby things. 

*All the Pinterest recipes I posted earlier this week were tried and well recieved.  The baked spaghetti especially.

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Becki@Just The Three of Us said...

Hi Harriet!
Sounds like a pretty fabulous 16th birthday party to me! What a fun time you will all have! I'm so happy you are having fun working with Bailey's baby clothes. I can't wait to see the completed projects!
Maybe you should do a post with a sneak peek?

Have a great weekend!

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